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This is where I talk about Neuroscience, NLP, IT, Project Management, and other adventures in Communication and Science. I hope you find it useful.

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  • Notes from the 2014 BCS/IET Turing lecture
    Beyond silicon: cognition and much much more. Speaker: Dr Bernard Meyerson.
    As silicon runs its course big data means that the future belongs to innovation, integration and analytics.
    (Feb 2014)

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    • The Earthonaut
      This is a blog entry about some unsung heros of planetary exploration. It looks those who use portable oxygen breathing systems to visit the most amazing planet in the Solar System.
      (May 2013)
    • In The Bleak Midwinter
      A seasonal blog examining some of the origins of our traditions (December 2012).

    The Resource of Reality

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  • Setting your state to “resourceful“.
    The first of a series of articles I have designed to help achieve and maintain a resourceful mental state. They will use NLP alongside some of the principles from the Trousers of Reality books. This one explains the concept, invites you to take part and finds inspiration in a masterpiece.

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    • Mars
      From John Carter's Barsoom to Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars (March 2012)

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